Current and Recent Projects

Council for the Study of Community Colleges

The Council for the Study of Community Colleges ( has been a project of the Center for the Study of Community Colleges since 2006. Housing the Council, a scholarly community affiliated with the American Association of Community Colleges, is one of the ways we fulfill our goal to promote and disseminate exemplary research on the community college enterprise. 

The Civic Outcomes of Community College

In an effort the better understand the community college's role in developing students' civic agency, capacity, behavior, and knowledge, the Center is collaborating with The Democracy Commitment to examine the individual and institutional factors leading to greater civic outcomes at community colleges across the nation.

Results from the 2015 national pilot administration of the Civic Outcomes Survey, generously funded by the Spencer Foundation and published in the Community College Review, can be accessed here.

The Democracy Commitment is a national initiative providing a platform for the development and expansion of civic engagement in community colleges.

Broadening the Use of Deliberative Practices within TDC Colleges

The Center is collaborating with the Kettering Foundation and The Democracy Commitment (TDC) to broaden and deepen the use of deliberative practices within TDC colleges, and to investigate research questions related to the democratic mission of community colleges, the impact of deliberation on community college students, and the effects of deliberative practices over time on the civic life of a community.

Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement in Community Colleges

Through a cooperative learning agreement with the Kettering Foundation, the Center coordinated investigations into civic programs, practices, and outcomes at community colleges across the country, all members of The Democracy Commitment. These projects are detailed in a 2016 New Directions for Community Colleges volume on Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement, which is available in print and online here

Implementing Statewide Transfer & Articulation Reform

Over the past few years, several states have engaged in systemic transfer and articulation reforms, creating transfer associate degrees that allow students to both earn an associate degree and transfer seamlessly into a state university. In 2010, the Center for the Study of Community Colleges visited four of these states (Arizona, New Jersey, Ohio, and Washington) in order to examine the development of transfer associate degrees and to describe implementation strategies that may be utilized in states that are currently embarking on or planning for systemic transfer reforms. 

Click here to download the full report.

Click here for an executive summary.

This project was generously funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Walter S. Johnson Foundation and was later turned into a New Directions for Community Colleges volume titled Implementing Transer Associate Degrees: Perspectives From the States.