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Transfer Assembly Project

The Transfer Assembly Project is the longest-standing study focusing on statewide measures of community college-baccalaureate transfer. Between 1989 and 1997 the project collected data on transfer rates using the following measure: the transfer rate is the percentage of all first-time community college students who complete at least 12 units at that college and who take at least one class at a public in-state university within four years of leaving the community college.

Data were collected from individual institutions within a state, sometimes through the statewide agency, and were aggregated into statewide rates, which were subsequently re-aggregated into annual national transfer rates. Because of confidentiality agreements, data were not published for individual institutions or for the states. Analyses of the changes in the rates, however, indicated that there are larger disparities in transfer rates between institutions within states than there are between states.

The Transfer Assembly Project was supported by grants from the Ford Foundation.

Transfer Assembly publications from selected years can be accessed here:

1991: A Model for Deriving the Transfer Rate: Report of the Transfer Assembly Project

1993: Celebrating Transfer: A Report of the Annual Transfer Assembly

1999: Transfer Assembly Report

2001: National Transfer Rates Are Up! Report of the 2001 Transfer Assembly Project